Strategic Advisory & CFO Services

Qualified Expertise to Help You Lead with Confidence

As your business evolves, you need strong strategic advisory to guide your next steps. Whether you’re looking to increase profitability, attain financing or navigate a transition, a part-time CFO offers years of experience to help you lead the way.

Financial Strategy

Plan and execute for success with a partner who’s been there.

Build your roadmap for the short and long term. Our CFO experts bring decades of experience and strategic vision directly to your business.

✓ Explore and assess your go-to-market strategy for a successful launch.
✓ Find opportunities to reduce costs, increase revenue and preserve value.
✓ Define long-term milestones to achieve your biggest goals.
✓ Understand your company’s SWOT framework to determine your advantage.

Business Operations Management

Work with a leader who can reach across the table.

Financial strategy hangs in the balance of your operations. Facilitate cross-functional alignment, from managing investors to external auditors, with the help of a part-time CFO.

✓ Ensure your financials are ready for investors’ eyes.
✓ Perfect your compensation strategy and retain your top talent.
✓ Trust that you’re compliant with revenue recognition oversight.
✓ Appease your stakeholders while boosting ROI.

Current State Assessment

Take inventory of your risks and your potential.

Work smarter, not harder, for the outcomes you want. Outsourced CFO services offer a fresh set of eyes to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and greater efficiency.

✓ Get recommendations to streamline your finance and accounting function.
✓ Differentiate your model and find gaps to seize new opportunities.
✓ Take advantage of industry expertise on key competitive benchmarks.
✓ Find ways to increase your spending efficiency and free up cash flow.

Corporate Development

Go boldly into the next stage of your business.

Be ready for the next stage with solid financials and a view of the competitive landscape. Maximize your value in an exit or merger & acquisition with veteran strategic advisory.

✓ Optimize finance operations sooner so you don’t miss a potential deal.
✓ Perform buy-side due diligence on challenges, risks, and opportunities.
✓ Identify outstanding payments and resolve discrepancies earlier.
✓ Boost negotiation power with confidence in your books.

Startup Services

Startup financing made easy.

When pursuing equity or debt financing, Paro’s outsourced CFO services are designed to help you direct your time and energy to where you’re most effective.

✓ Tap into qualified experts—60% of our fractional CFOs have startup experience.
✓ Get sophisticated reporting, insights, and analysis to support fundraising.
✓ Leverage flexible, cost-effective support as your startup scales.
✓ Engage full-spectrum expertise so you can focus on driving innovation.

Optimize Your Business

As accounting and finance experts, we can help you optimize your financial processes and streamline your accounting practices, so you can get back to focusing on what really matters — growing your business and achieving your goals.

Let’s work together to take your business to the next level.

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